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Lot 72

Estimate: 60 CHF   |   Starting price: 50 CHF Online bidding closed
L. Axsius Naso AR Denarius, 71 BC

L. Axsius L.f. Naso. AR (fourré?) Denarius (18 mm, 3.17 g), Rome, 71 BC.
Obv. Head of Mars to right, wearing plumed helmet; behind, IIII; below neck truncation, NASO and before chin, S·C.
Rev. Diana in biga of stags to right; below horses, dog running right and behind, two further dogs; above, IIII; in exergue, L·AXSIVS LF.
Craw. 400/1a.

Rare. Nicely toned and very fine.

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