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Lot 63095

Estimate: 300 USD   |   Starting price: 120 USD Bid on this lot at the auctioneer's website
CHINA. Qing Dynasty. 50 Cash, ND (March 1854-July 1855). Board of Revenue Mint. Emperor Xianfeng (Wen Zong) (1851-61). Graded "78" by Hua Xia Coin Grading Company.
37.2 gms. cf.H-Type M 22.705/22.707. North branch. "咸豐重寶" (Xiánfēng zhòng bǎo[Xianfeng heavy currency]); Reverse:"當五十" (Dāng wǔshí[value 50]) Manchu characters Boo Chiowan left and right. The character for Boo is in the north branch style, but unlisted in Hartill. Coin is dark toned and exhibits well preserved fields.

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