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Lot 12

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Commios A-Type. Extra Pellets Type. Sills Class 1, dies 2r/5. c.50-25 BC. Gold quarter stater. 9mm. 1.19g. Letter A on plain field, two tiny pellets below./ Horse left, ladder mane, solar motif above, rings below. ABC 1031 var., VA 353-5 var., BMC−, DK 324 var, S 67var. PAS: PUBLIC 79438A (this coin). Near EF, chunky flan, bold A, well ornamented horse, extra pellets clear. The finest we’ve had of this type. Found near Basingstoke, Hampshire, 30.9.2018. EXCESSIVELY RARE perhaps UNIQUE?
Commios was king of the Atrebates, both in Gaul and in Britain; hence the large letter A. Caesar himself “had made [Commios] king of the Atrebates [in Gaul] after the conquest of that tribe – a man of whose courage, judgement and loyalty he had a high opinion, and who was greatly respected in Britain” (De Bello Gallico 4.21). Dr John Sills says: “This is the only one with tiny pellets visible but the other three from this die combination, dies 2r/5, are old Selsey/Bognor finds that are too worn to be able to see whether or not they have pellets.  It's possible that they were added to show the die had been recut.  At first sight I assumed they were die flaws but they look quite convincing.”

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