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BACTRIA. Early Hellenistic era. Sophytes (?) (ca. 325/305-294 BC). AR tetradrachm (23mm, 16.96 gm, 5h). NGC Choice XF 5/5 - 3/5, scratches. Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves over brow guard and a spiral palmette on the bowl; ΗΥΩ monogram to left / AΘE, owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig, crescent and grape bunch in left field. cf. HGC 12, 1-2. The Seleucid-era Greek settlement of Bactria may have been carried out under a general or satrap named Sophytes, whose and possible portrait name appear on a somewhat later series of coins. After the initial issue of Bactrian "owl" coinage (see previous lot), a later group "owl" was struck on a somewhat reduced standard, with monograms and various symbols as control marks, of which this example is one of the finest surviving specimens. These are now provisionally ascribed to Sophytes. All of these early Bactrian pieces are rare, but a number have appeared on the market recently, reputedly from a 1960s-era find that resided for many years in Germany.HID05401242017

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