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Lot 5022

Estimate: 5'000 USD   |   Starting price: 3'000 USD Price realized: 8'500 USD

HADRIAN, A.D. 117-138. Gold Aureus (7.09 gms), Rome Mint, A.D. 121.
RIC-136; Calico-1366; Sear-3417. This very rare reverse type ranks among the most skillfully engraved reverses of this series. It features Genius of the golden age “Saeculum Aureum” rendered in a three dimensional manner stepping through an elliptical ring. Rendered in an artistic manner where the arm reaches around the rings border while one foot is behind as the other is stepping through. Through this type Hadrian boasts of bringing the empire to its pinnacle during the golden age of Rome.

"IMP. CAESAR TRAIA - N. HADRIANVS AVG." Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Hadrian right; Reverse: "P. M. TR. P. COS. III. SAEC. AVR." Genius of the Golden Age standing right within oval frame, resting raised right hand against side of frame, holding phoenix on globe in left. Stuck on a round planchet will full legends and design of pleasing artistic style. Moderate wear, EXTREMELY RARE.VERY FINE.

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